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Website Search and Navigation

You can search for the products that you are interested in three different ways:

  • Via the space you wish to furnish, for example, classroom or collaboration space. Searching for your products in this way will allow you to see all the products and will provide lots of inspiration for the specific space you’re designing.
  • By product category which will allow you to see all products in a specific range, for example, teacher stations or chairs.
  • Search for products by series which will allow you to see all of the product options within a product family. Seeing all the products within a product family will allow you to mix and match in different spaces, for example, a BFF 4-Leg Chair in the classroom and a BFF Lab Stool in a computer lab.

Request More Info

If you find a certain product and would like to more about it simply request more information using our Request More Info form at the bottom of each product page. We’ll get back to you with an answer within 24 hours.

Favorites List

When browsing online you can add products to your Favorites List as you go through the website. Simply click on the ‘add to favorites’ button (small image) next to the product that you want, and it will be added to your favorites list for you. You can use the favorite’s list function to add products that you want to reference when contacting the MiEN Company. When you click the favorites button, you will be prompted to create an account or sign into your existing account. Once logged in you can add and remove items from your list.

Help Center FAQ

Why do I need to sign in?

Signing in is only required if you would like to save your favorites list.

Can I save my favorites list?

‘Yes! We invite you to create a password-protected account that will allow you to reference and manage your information/preferences. We respect your right to privacy and consider it our responsibility to safeguard any information you provide. We will not share your information.

How do I create an account?

Creating an account is easy! Simply click here and follow the prompts.