6 Workplace Design Tips for Collaboration and Productivity

6 Workplace Design Tips for Collaboration and Productivity

Author: Madison Johnson

When moving to a new office or remaking your existing space, it’s critical to approach the design process with function in mind. An innovative and engaging workplace design can make the difference when it comes to your company’s productivity and collaboration among your employees.

Finding a furniture partner who can guide you through the process is an important factor in your workplace design. Choosing MiEN as your furniture partner can help you create the office space of your dreams that supports both collaboration and productivity and is enjoyed by your employees.

Here are six workplace design tips:

Be Creative

Employees don’t want to work in a dull and impractical space, they want a workplace that’s intuitive and inviting. Some employees will want to stand up while they work, some will want to sit comfortably, and some will want to use shared tables to collaborate with other team members. Be creative and take these preferences into consideration when designing your office space. Add flex spaces that can adapt to your office’s needs and remember you can always add more workstations later as your company grows.

Find a Design Partner

Even if you have a vision for your space, it can be valuable to bring in an outside design partner to help you create the perfect workspace. A design professional with an objective view of the space will be able to say, “Hey, what about this?” or “Hey, what if we modified this just a little bit?” These are the types of questions your MiEN design team will ask before helping you work through ideas as you select your designs. The team at MiEN takes every factor into consideration when developing your workplace design, such as how the space will be used, how many people it will need to accommodate, and what the growth trajectory of your company is.

Let the Pros Handle Details

Designing a new space means choosing fabrics, colors, styles, and textures for your furniture pieces. While you may have some preferences when it comes to these selections, your furniture partner will be able to guide you to decide what the best combination is for your workplace design. That’s why it’s so important to find a partner that asks the right questions, listens to what you have to say, and then presents viable solutions.

Reach Out to Peers for Ideas

As a business owner who is building a new facility or remaking an existing one, it can be helpful to look at what works for other companies. Ask other business owners to walk you through the elements that came together to create their functional workplace design and consider the steps they took to get there. While a furniture partner can help you visualize this, your peers will be able to tell you the bottom-line for designing a new space, ensuring confidence in your investment.

Ask Employees for Feedback

Employees will be the ones using the office spaces every day, so it’s important to ask for their input during the design process. There doesn’t need to be a vote on colors or anything like that, but it can be helpful to get straightforward feedback about what employees do or don’t want in the space. When creating your workplace design, take employee input into consideration to ensure the space will work for your whole team.

Choose Quality Furniture Products

When developing your workplace design, your MiEN team will consider your space, your company’s culture, and how your team works. Depending how you will utilize the space, your design team will guide you to select the best furniture pieces and fabrics for your specific needs. Because of MiEN’s background in furniture for educational spaces, we specialize in sturdy furniture with durable fabrics, and we carry a wide range of designs that are both innovative and fun.workplace designed environment

These tips can guide you as you begin to create or modify your workplace into an engaging new space that supports collaboration and productivity.

When MiEN is a part of your workplace design project, you can be sure the space will be created with you, your company, and your employees’ unique needs in mind. We know how important it is for every element of your office space to be selected with purpose and intention to create a collaborative and functional space. At the end of the day, your office space should be designed to work for you, and MiEN can support the custom design needs of a wide variety of workplaces.

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Madison Johnson, Vice President of Interior Design and Sales Support, leads a team of designers at MiEN Environments and has 5 years of industry experience. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts for Interior Design from the University of Central Michigan. She believes that each student has a unique learning style and being able to offer a variety of zonal areas in a classroom will allow those students to feel empowered and increase their productivity.