Why MiEN?

MiEN makes furniture that works for education

Our innovative furniture creates spaces that promotes student engagement and creative thinking while reflecting a school’s culture. Created by education market experts, our award winning designs are flexible and adaptable incorporating mobile and collaborative features that support the 21st Century School and Learning concepts.

U.S. Company with European Flair

We are a global company serving the education industry with innovative furniture products and services that promote and support active and interactive learning environments in fun and functional ways. An American company with a strong European influence, our products and services represent the ideas and collaborative efforts of a global team of suppliers, designers, and engineers. Built strong and durable using eco-friendly, sustainable materials, our products rank high in the industry in meeting the demands of creating dynamic and collaborative learning environments.

What MiEN does best

We deliver inspired, creative furniture through an engaging blend of smart design, durable materials, and fun. Our design philosophy is built around the new generation of student and faculty, and the technology-driven, collaborative learning environments that they require to be successful. Our award-winning designs incorporate the need for flexibility and mobility and are equipped to support the ever-changing needs of technology. Oh and let’s not forget the fun! These innovative, functional furniture pieces are bright, colorful, and engaging to students and faculty alike. Our portfolio of products includes desks and tables, chairs and stools, soft seating, teacher stations, administrative office furnishings, mobile marker boards, storage units, and power units.

How MiEN does it

Our education market experts are always on top of the latest educational trends in pedagogy, space planning, and ergonomics. With our global reach, we are learning from the industry’s best and adding features and products to our product family. We have design and manufacturing facilities strategically located close to our corporate headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We market our products through a nationwide network of dealers.

How MiEN can help you

Smart design fosters MiEN’s ability to create functional furniture solutions that interact and complement each other. Whether it’s for one classroom or an entire school space, our products offer custom design capabilities that are limitless in design and function.