Five Advantages to a 1:1 Learning Environment

Five Advantages to a 1:1 Learning Environment

Technology is an increasingly important part of a successful learning environment, particularly with the recent expansion of blended learning to K-12 curriculum all over the U.S. While schools have brought technology into the classroom with computer labs and laptop and tablet carts for many years now, it’s becoming more and more necessary for each student to have access to their own personal device.

A learning environment where every student has their own personal device––known as a 1:1 classroom––offers many benefits to students and teachers. Studies have shown that 1:1 technology initiatives boost student scores, and technology-based classrooms can even help teachers lower their out-of-pocket costs for school supplies.

With these benefits in mind, here are five advantages that a 1:1 learning environment offers:

Higher Student Engagement

Students are accustomed to using their devices in their personal lives to streamline communication, stay organized, and express themselves in creative ways. By bringing these personal devices into the classroom, you enable students to connect with their schoolwork in familiar and engaging ways that will keep their attention throughout the day. Students also have the ability to independently do further research on classroom curriculum when they have questions or want to know more about a topic, leading to deeper learning and greater retention of information.Learning Environment

Career-Ready Skills

Technology is a necessity in the modern work environment, and it should be treated the same in schools where students are preparing for future college and career opportunities. With a 1:1 learning environment, students can refine their basic computer skills on a daily basis, ensuring they’ll be ready to take on more complex tasks and responsibilities in their future jobs. They also can learn career-ready skills that can only be acquired through technology, such as coding and programming, graphic design, sound mixing, video editing, website design, and more.

A Long-Term Investment with Significant Savings

While the initial cost of a full set of 1:1 devices may seem costly, the long-term savings are significant. With personal devices in the classroom, students can access their curriculum content digitally, minimizing or completely eliminating the need for physical textbooks, workbooks, and printed worksheets. Starting a 1:1 program at your school is an investment that saves money in the long term.1:1 Learning Environment

Personalized Learning for Every Student

With traditional teaching and assessments like worksheets and tests, it’s hard to cater the curriculum to each student’s unique learning method and level of understanding. One of the benefits of 1:1 initiatives is the potential for the use of digital programs and software that offer customized learning solutions for each student. 1:1 also makes it possible to instantly send individual students additional material during class time to help struggling students gain more clarity and give accelerated students an opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the subject.

Greater Possibilities for Unique Assignments and Projects

Using personal devices in the classroom opens up many possibilities for how students can complete their assignments and projects. A 1:1 device initiative makes it possible for students to submit assignments in the form of videos, podcasts, digital presentations, and even websites. Students also are able to perform deeper research into their projects from a wider range of sources and mediums. This helps students build their technology, design, and research skills in ways that will benefit them in college and future careers.

Using 1:1 devices is the future of learning in the classroom and benefits education in so many ways. Through the design of tech-friendly spaces, you support 1:1 learning initiatives, enabling students to actively learn with technology in the classroom.