Introducing the 2021 MiEN Showroom

Introducing the 2021 MiEN Showroom

Author: Kevin Ecarius

When designing new school and/or office spaces, it’s important to choose furniture solutions that will best serve the people who will use the space. For the designers of these spaces, it can be challenging to imagine exactly how a product will function for a specific purpose or how the materials will perform for different uses.

To provide customers with a MiEN experience and enable them to explore different furniture solutions to implement in their spaces, we have designed an expansive showroom in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This showroom features dozens of our products to view and experience in person before you select the best solutions for your school or business.MiEN Showroom

Here are three things you can look forward to doing in the MiEN Showroom:

Experience Product Offerings and Materials

Explore our diverse product line in-person to discover the best solutions for your next space. Our showroom offers a hands-on experience where you can explore different products and feel different surface materials and fabrics. Discover our newest offerings, and test out different products to decide which will best fit your school or business needs.

Get Inspiration for Your New Project

See examples of layouts, product combinations, and materials to fit your next design project. In the showroom, we will discuss and explore solutions unique to the needs of your school or business. Then, our team will guide you through your project, from design to specification to installation.

Attend Educational Events

Our showroom is the perfect space for collaboration and learning, and we are excited to be able to host events for designers, architects, educators, and more. Learn about the latest trends and ideas in learning space design and connect with professionals in the industry at educational events in the spacious showroom.

You can also explore our showroom virtually in full 3D for those of you who are not local or who are not able to attend an in-person tour. This virtual space showcases the same diverse product offerings as the Grand Rapids showroom and includes detailed product information and specifications for each product on display. You can also connect virtually with one of our design or sales associates for a live tour of the showroom to gather more information and to begin creating your next space.

Explore our vast product offerings and imagine all of the possibilities for your next space in our Grand Rapids showroom. We welcome the opportunity to host you and share our insights when you visit the showroom to experience our products. We can’t wait to meet you!

Kevin Ecarius, Vice President of Strategy & Development, is an Accredited Learning Environment Planner (ALEP) with a track record of success in transforming learning spaces into 21st-century modern learning environments. Kevin has worked in education for 16 years in various roles all with the goal of planning and outfitting modern learning spaces. His belief is learning preferences differ by individual students and adapt throughout the day and 21st-century learning environments should offer choices to meet those individual needs while maintaining a degree of consistency and equity throughout the school.