Meet Martin Fritzen, MiEN’s Esports Expert

Meet Martin Fritzen, MiEN’s Esports Expert

As educational institutions decide to build gaming and esports programs and facilities to support students, stakeholders are searching for guidance. Here at MiEN Company, we’ve partnered with international esports expert and consultant Martin Fritzen to help us share the best ideas and resources with organizations who are looking to develop effective, economical, and competitive esports spaces and programs.

Martin is an experienced esports expert, with a background in acquiring esports funding and building esports programs that positively transform people. He helps schools, companies, and governments develop profitable esports programs and shares his insights on the industry as MiEN’s top esports expert.

As an esports entrepreneur and opinion leader, Martin founded one of Europe’s biggest esports clubs, Sørby Esport in 2015. He then went on to spearhead all esports activities at DGI, a Danish sports organization with over 6,500 sports clubs. Today, he is head of esports at the Danish Federation for Company Sports, leading all esports activities in Danish workplaces, educational institutions, and local company sport associations.

As MiEN’s top esports advisor and expert, Martin has shared his many insights on academic esports and developing esports spaces. He has written about how teaching gaming and esports can boost students’ STEM and 21st century learning skills, including collaboration, problem-solving, self-direction, and creativity. Martin Fritzen also shared a comprehensive guide to building and funding gaming and esports facilities at K-12 schools, community colleges, and universities––from the idea and planning stages to the long-term engagement in the program.

Martin Fritzen Esport Expert