MiEN Company Releases White Paper on Creating a Scholastic Esports Program

MiEN Company Releases White Paper on Creating a Scholastic Esports Program

New paper covers curriculums, career pathways, funding, planning and effective space design for competitive gaming 

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – June 9, 2022 – An increasing number of schools are finding that scholastic esports – competitive online video gaming between schools – provide the same social and emotional learning (SEL) benefits as traditional athletics and can also be used to teach a variety of subjects. To help schools implement this new pedagogical support, MiEN Company has published a white paper titled “Using Esports to Teach K–12 Academic and Social Emotional Skills: Design of Esports Environment Supports Skill Development Outcomes.”

The white paper informs readers about resources like the North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF), which offers a free state-approved esports curriculum for class time instruction or after-school activities. Readers will also find information about the Middle School Esports League, the High School Esports League and the National Association of Collegiate Esports. The white paper outlines the benefits that each organization can provide for schools and students.

“Using Esports to Teach” also discusses how esports programs can help educators prepare students for STEM careers. In addition to describing the various career pathways, the white paper provides as a link to a NASEF infographic that shows how esports can prepare students for not only STEM careers but also for occupations such as event planner, business consultant, writer, financial advisor and more.

Additionally, the white paper discusses scholarship opportunities for students and provides educators with guidance on creating budgets, obtaining grants, finding donors, and raising funds. It also shares 22 questions that educators should ask to effectively launch an esports program as well as tips for designing a functional and engaging gaming space.

“For educators who want hands-on design support, our team can help schools create a space that supports gaming, tournaments, and all the activities related to esports,” said Dr. Christina Counts, Vice President of Education for MiEN Company. “This is such an exciting development in education because it brings benefits in terms of academic learning, soft skills and even school revenue. The trending esports field is projected to generate $1.8 billion this year. It attracts students who typically never participate in extracurricular activities, giving them a new sense of belonging and developing their teamwork and leadership skills. All while being an excellent conduit for teaching everything from career and technical education to literacy and STEM. It’s a venture that’s win-win-win.”