AOTC Table

The AOTC, Ahead of the Curve, table collection is ideal for collaboration, presentation, individual or group work. The table collection can be used individually or paired with our soft seating Chameleon and FLEX lines to create the ultimate tiered learning space. Adaptable to any environment, from elementary classrooms to corporate training rooms the AOTC table creates a multifunctional space.




Ahead of the Curve

Looking to create a dynamic space to incite collaboration and creativity? Pair the AOTC table collection with Flex Curved Benches or Chameleon Round Inside Chairs in a semi-circle to allow large groups a comfortable place to meet and share ideas. Utilize the 42-inch high version to provide maximum visibility to those seated at the tables, perfect for presentations. Alternatively, snake tables through any space for private work area which doubles as a space divider.

Features & Benefits

  • Surface options include any standard laminates, including markerboard
  • Can be combined or used individually for a variety of purposes
  • Pairs with MiEN soft seating options
  • Create multiple combinations, bringing people together in spaces they’ll love
  • ADA Compliant Table Option Available


Surface Laminate Options

PVC Edgeband

AOTC Table pvc edgeband

Bench Option

18″H (60″ Curve)

AOTC Table

Table Options

4 table options

AOTC Table

Pair with Chameleon or FLEX

AOTC TableAOTC Table

Bag Hook Option

Weight limit: 50lb

AOTC Table bag hook

Materials: Steel w/ silver powder coat

Dimensions: 2.4″W x 3.3″D x 2.2″H


  • Worksurface (0.75″): HPL, particle board core, PVC edgeband
  • Glides: Black plastic adjustable glides
  • Frame: Steel w/ silver powder coat (5-leg welded frame)



  • 60° Curve:
    • Surface Depth: 14″
    • Overall Dimensions: 40″D x 57″W x 18″H


  • 45° Curve
    • Surface Depth: 20″
    • Overall Dimensions: 36″D x 52″W x 29″H
  • 60° Curve:
    • Surface Depth: 24″
    • Overall Dimensions: 51″D x 67″W x 29″H


  • 45° Curve:
    • Surface Depth: 20″
    • Overall Dimensions: 36″D x 52″W x 42″H
  • 60° Curved: 
    • Surface Depth: 20″
    • Overall Dimensions: 47″D x 64″W x 42″H



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