Axil Z Power and Data Unit

Elevate your workspace with the sleek and innovative Axil Z Power and Data Unit, the ultimate solution to keep you connected and charged. Designed to blend seamlessly into any work surface, this unit offers a clean, modern aesthetic in either crisp white or sleek black. With the revolutionary waterproof outlet, your power needs are met with safety and style. Whether it’s for an office, a collaborative workspace, or a personal desk, the Axil Z ensures that power, data, and USB charging are always within reach, tailored just for you. Power up your potential with the Axil Z – where functionality meets elegance.

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Power It Up

Introducing the Axil Z Power and Data Unit, crafted from anodized aluminum, laser-cut steel, and durable plastic, and available in white or black powder coat finishes to match any workspace aesthetic. This compact unit, measuring 8.125″ in depth, 3″ in width, and 3.25″ in height, is designed to integrate seamlessly into work surfaces ranging from 0.75″ to 1.5″ thick. It offers a customizable configuration, starting with two power outlets and two open data ports, with the option to include up to four power outlets or a mix of power and USB A+C charging ports, catering to diverse connectivity needs. The inclusion of a waterproof outlet underscores its safety and versatility, all powered by a 120v source with a 120″ cord for extensive reach. The Axil Z embodies a fusion of functionality, safety, and sleek design, making it an indispensable addition to any modern workspace.

Features & Benefits

  • Flush mount
  • Metal face plate
  • Provides easy access to power and data
  • Clean white or sleek black finish
  • 120v power with a 120″ cord
  • USB A+C charging ports optional
  • Waterproof outlets
  • Made in USA


  • Body: Anodized aluminum, laser-cut steel, & plastic
  • Finish: White or black powder coat


  • Depth: 8.125“
  • Width: 3”
  • Height: 3.25”
  • Configuration Options: 4 power outlets | 3 power outlets, 1 USB A+C port | 2 power outlets, 2 USB A+C ports
  • Power Voltage: 120v
  • Cord Length: 120”
*Unit can fit worksurfaces that are 0.75“-1.5” thick
**Other configuration options are available upon request

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