Chameleon Lounge™ Together Table

The Chameleon Lounge™ Together Table allows users to collaborate and share ideas. Gather around the Together Table today!

CAL. 117 & 133 Compliant

BIFMA ANSI Certification

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Gather Together

The Chameleon Lounge™ Together Table offers many different tables and wall sizes. Customize this table to suit the needs of various learning environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Customize with power/data options
  • Many worksurface sizes and shapes available
  • Variety of standard fabrics available
  • Environmentally-friendly materials
  • Made in USA
  • BIFMA ANSI Certified
  • CAL. 117 & 133 Compliant


Chameleon Lounge™ Together Table fabric options

Providing our customers with a large variety of performance fabrics to choose from is a priority to us. We have closely partnered with Arc-Com, Anzea, Camira, CF Stinson, Designtex, Gabriel, Mayer, and Momentum in order to develop graded-in fabric selections that can be used on our soft seating lines, Flex, Gecko, and Chameleon.

View grade lists and fabric cards for our textile partners here.

Surface Laminate Options

PVC Edgeband

Chameleon Lounge™ Together Table pvc edgeband options

Wall Heights: 29″, 42″, 54″, 66″


Chameleon Lounge™ Together Table

Bullet Top Options 28″, 60″, 72″


Chameleon Lounge™ Together Table

Rectangle Top Options 28″, 60″, 72″


Chameleon Lounge™ Together Table


  • Wall Frame: CNC cut, CARB compliant wood (.075″)
  • Wall Feet: Steel
  • Worksurface (1.125″): HPL, particleboard core,  PVC edgeband
  • Wall Base & Column: Steel finished in silver powder coat
  • Wall Padding: Polyether foam with low melt polyester overlay
  • Wall Upholstery: Fabric or vinyl options


  • Wall Depth: 4″
  • Wall Width: 28″
  • Wall Height: 29″ | 42″ | 54″ | 66″
  • Worksurface Depth: 28”
  • Worksurface Width: 28″| 60” | 72″
  • Table Height: 29″

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