Dropshare Media Sharing Technology Unit

Get those ideas flowing with the Dropshare Media Sharing Technology Unit. Plug-in to share ideas on a monitor via any portable laptop, tablet, or other mobile device.

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Infinite Media Sharing Possibilities

Connect laptops, tablets, or other media sharing devices via VGA or HDMI cables to a mounted monitor screen. Dropshare Media Sharing Technology Unit is the perfect way to quickly share team information and get those ideas flowing. Wire connections are kept hidden under the work surface keeping the surface clear of  cables. The Dropshare can be ordered with four or six share cables. To share a screen with your team, simply press the share button connected to a device and that view will be displayed on the monitor screen. Each unit includes power receptacles and a voice data adapter kit to accept couplers and jacks when required.

Features & Benefits

  • Connect and share seamlessly
  • Less clutter with hidden wire connections
  • Available with four or six share cables
  • Includes integrated power receptacles
  • Made in USA


Includes 4 share cables and 4 power locations


Includes 6 share cables and 6 power locations

Share Cables

Available with VGA or HDMI share cables


  • Construction: Laser-cut steel
  • Finish: Anodized aluminum


  • 4-user: 8.625”w x 10.175”d
  • 6-user: 11.375”w x 10.175”d
  • Can Fit: 0.75” – 1.5” table thickness

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