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F2F Frame classic table frame available in a large variety of top sizes and heights. Pair with the work surface shape that fits the need of a particular learning environment, and customize with a unique laminate selection.

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Inspire Learning

Boasting a huge variety of work surface shape options, the traditional F2F Frame table base can be customized to fit the need of any space. The unique Amoeba shape is ideal for collaboration for a group of four, while offering a curvy shape adding to the visual energy of any space. Looking for a classic single user table with a twist? Look no further than our Vail shape desks, which allow for various group configurations, or can be used as a stand-alone desk.

Features & Benefits

  • Fixed or adjustable height
  • Available with casters
  • Various sizes available
  • ADA Compliant Table Option Available


Surface Laminate Options

PVC Edgeband

F2F Frame Table PVC Edgeband Option

Fixed Height Legs

Fixed height legs available

F2F Frame Table Fixed Height Legs

Adjustable Height Legs

Adjustable height legs available

F2F Frame Table Adjustable Height Leg


Casters available on adjustable or fixed height legs

F2F Frame Table Casters

Bag Hook Option

Weight limit: 50lb

F2F Frame Table Bag Hook Option

Materials: Steel w/ silver powder coat

Dimensions: 2.4″W x 3.3″D x 2.2″H


  • Adjustable Bases:
  • Standard Adjustable 26.5” – 34”h
  • Low Adjustable 20″ – 25″h
  • Early Childhood Adjustable: 15″ – 20″h
    • Fixed Bases:
      • Standard Fixed: 29″h
      • Early Childhood Fixed: 15″h
      • Counter Fixed: 36″h
        • Feet Options:
          • Glides
          • Casters
          • Wheelbarrow (not available on all shapes)
        • Top Sizes:
          • Round: 36″, 42″, 48″, 54″, 60″d
          • Rectangle Side lengths: 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″, 54″, 60″, 66″, 72″
          • 36″ x 28″ Vail (left or right hand)
          • 42″ or 48″ Star
          • 48″or  54″ Amoeba
          • 56″ x 30, or 62″ x 33″ Multi-Wave
          • 60″ x 28″ Single Vibe
          • 60″ x 30″ Double Vibe
          • 60″ x 36, or 72″ x 36″ Flat-End Wave
          • 72″ x 36″ Infinity
          • 72 x 42″ Pentagon
          • 72″ x 48″ Kidney


    • Worksurface: Particleboard core, HPL with PVC edgeband
    • Frame: Steel finished with silver powder-coated paint
    • Casters when applicable: 2.36 grey nylon
    • Glides when applicable: Standard black plastic

F2F Frame Table Diagram of Styles

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