KIO Starter Adder

As one of our most popular and versatile shelving systems, KIO Starter Adder shelving system offers a wide choice of sizes and finishes to suit both a traditional or modern environment. It is extremely versatile making it ideal for both academic and public libraries.

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With its large variety of heights and width options, the KIO Starter Adder bookcase series is a storage staple sure to complete a large variety of learning or workspaces. Available in MiEN’s large range of KIO laminate selections, allowing for a coordinated visual aesthetic.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Variety of heights and widths
  • Sleek laminate body created a fully coordinated space
  • Made in USA


Surface Laminate Options

Surface Materials Page

PVC Edgeband

KIO Starter Adder PVC Edgeband Options*Select edgebands may have an extended lead time or waste fee apply depending on quantities for custom products.

Double Faced

Double faced depth: 24″

Adjustable Shelves

KIO Starter Adder

Single faced depth: 12″

Metal Shelves

KIO Starter Adder

No Length Limitations

KIO Starter Adder

Stand Alone Starter Unit

KIO Starter Adder


  • Body: HPL surface (1”), particle board core, PVC edgeband
  • Connection Points: Cam lock construction
  • Glides: Plastic (adjustable)
  • Metal Shelves & Dividers (Optional Excluding 42“W): Steel w/ powder coat


  • Depth (Single Sided): 12”
  • Depth (Double Sided): 24”
  • Standard Widths:
    24“ (adder is 22.81“)
    30“ (adder is 28.81“)
    36“ (adder is 34.81“)
    42“ (adder is 40.81“)
  • Standard Heights:
    2H 29”H (1 adjustable shelf)
    3H 42”H (2 adjustable shelves)
    4H 54”H (3 adjustable shelves)
    5H 66”H (3 adj. shelves & 1 fixed at 30”H)
    6H 78”H (4 adj. shelves & 1 fixed at 30”H)

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