KIT Children’s Stool

A little extra movement goes a long way and kids LOVE the KIT Children’s stool, enough said.

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Kids Love This Stool

Ideal for active sitting environments like brainstorming sessions or circle time, this unique ergonomically designed stool enables a student to move while sitting in a stationary position. This constant state of movement occupies a student and can calm the wiggles, so their focus remains on learning. The KIT Children’s stool is a perfect solution for the busy and active student.

Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomic and stable, designed for movement
  • Balancing feature promotes healthy posture
  • Extension units increase seat height
  • Durable construction

Polypropylene Shell

Stool Colors

Standard Colors

Extension Unit

Individual 3” high units available


  • Outer Shell: White polypropylene
  • Inner Shell: Orange polypropylene
  • Upholstered Seat: Anthracite polyurethane foam pad with 100% polyester fabric
  • Balance Ball Accessory: Blue rubber


  • Base unit height: 12″h
  • With one extension: 15″h
  • With two extensions: 18″h
  • Base: 14″ diameter

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