St. Charles Catholic School Receives New Furniture Donation

Community Donor Transformed Classroom for 21st Century Learning

Greenville, MI— 2/16/2021 —   Some Students at St. Charles Catholic Schools are learning in a new “state of the art” classroom, thanks to a gift of new furniture.   It was donated by MiEN Environments, an educational furniture manufacturer based in Grand Rapids, and The Currie Foundation.21st Century Learning New Furniture

Designers from MiEN Environments worked with Principal Margaret Karpus and kindergarten teacher, Tammy DeWitt, to help their vision come to life. “We are so overwhelmed with gratitude for this amazing gift of a new Kindergarten classroom,” Karpus said. “We can’t thank MiEN Environments enough, it’s owner and staff, as well as their generous partner, The Currie Foundation, for their help throughout this entire process. The MiEN Environments team came into our classroom with a vision of what our kids wanted and needed, and created a space we could’ve never imagined possible.”

Mrs. DeWitt has taught at St. Charles Catholic School for over 20 years and is considered a light to her students.  That entire time,  they’ve been using the same, stagnant furniture. The school says, this donation was the perfect opportunity to bring in current, lively products that foster 21st-century learning. This renewed classroom offers height-adjustable desks, mobile storage, and a lounge-style reading area. The focus is on flexibility; it can be adapted for individualized learning or rearranged in an instant for a more collaborative setting.  Principal Margaret Karpus and kindergarten teacher, Tammy DeWitt shared “Our students are extremely excited to be working in this new, modern environment and everyone who has seen our new room is speechless.”21st Century Learning New Furniture

St. Charles Catholic School has done a tremendous job maintaining a welcoming environment especially during the COVID pandemic. The school opened its doors in 1919 and has gone through many phases since it began all for the advancement of education and the community. St. Charles Catholic School begins registration in mid-March. Children of all faiths are welcome in grades preschool through eighth grade. Please call the school if you are interested at (616)-754-4194.