Stay Ahead of the Curve with MiEN Curved Bookcases

Stay Ahead of the Curve with MiEN Curved Bookcases

Author: Dr. Christina Counts

Stay ahead of the curve with some of MiEN’s most popular curved bookcase products: KIO Class Curved Shelving and KIO Curved Bookcases. With our modular, curved KIO shelving systems, you can establish pathways through learning spaces, define different learning areas, and create quiet breakaway or reading areas. You can even enhance specific learning zones or simply add the curved shelving to diversify a basic, straight interior design.MiEN Curved Bookcases

KIO Class Curved Mobile Tables & Shelving

The KIO Class Curved series is the perfect addition to a variety of classroom settings to engage students in a wide range of learning opportunities. MiEN curved bookcases fit all environments including collaborative activities, discussions, demonstrations, experiments and makerspace activities, guided learning, and independent learning. MiEN curved bookcases keep the learning area neat and tidy with a place for everything and everything in its place.

The KIO Class Curved series comes in multiple configurations, including different sizes and colors for both mobile classroom tables and mobile bookcases. This versatile furniture piece provides purposeful solutions to meet modern classroom storage needs. The small footprint helps to maximize the use of your learning space, while locking casters enable KIO Class Curved tables and shelving to move easily and be parked securely anywhere in your learning space.

KIO Curved Stationary Bookcases

Dynamic KIO Curved Stationary Bookcases are perfect for use in media centers or classrooms. Place several MiEN curved bookcases together to create movement and define learning spaces. Utilize the KIO Curved Stationary Bookcase with Counter to add additional workspace to your learning environment––with the added bonus of extra storage shelving!

KIO Curved Stationary Bookcases provide plenty of storage and have adjustable shelves to accommodate a variety of different-sized books or storage containers. With KIO Curved Bookcases, even large esports centers can be flexible, dynamic, and well-organized, just like today’s classrooms and libraries.

Curved Shelving for Modern Learning Spaces

All KIO Curved Bookcases pair perfectly with the FLEX curved bench, ensuring the most efficient and effective use of your learning space. Locking casters are easily added to KIO Bookcases, making storage mobile to meet the needs of active learning spaces. Mix coordinating, modular KIO storage and tables with FLEX soft seating components for an entirely coordinated space.

MiEN’s KIO series of bookcases and tables are a dynamic storage design with many different uses and configurations. These bookcases support an active learning space, providing separation between workspaces, mobility for flexibility, and plenty of storage space for a tidy learning environment. With MiEN’s curved bookcases, you can stay ahead of the curve and provide modern, active learning experiences to engage students of all ages!

Dr. Christina Counts, VP of Education for MiEN Environments, is a proven leader with a successful background in transforming learning spaces into modern engaging learning environments. Dr. Counts has worked in education for over 17 years with experience as a classroom teacher, district instructional leader, school administrator, and digital and innovative learning designer. In her most recent position, Christina leads a team of professionals that support schools making the transition to a flexible, collaborative, & student-centered learning space.  She holds a doctorate in K-12 Educational Leadership, National Board-certified, and Google & Apple certified. Dr. Counts envisions a learning space in which educators are empowered to transform education through design, technology and innovative instructional pedagogy to create learners ready for any future!