4 Key Factors to Creating a Modern Library Space

4 Key Factors to Creating a Modern Library Space

As technology in the classroom has transformed over the past few years––particularly in response to the pandemic––more and more schools have attained a 1:1 personal device system. When every student has a device, there is a lesser need for bulky desktop computers and computer labs throughout the school.

In the media center, there is often a main computer lab, plus additional computers around the space. When every student has access to a personal device, these computers can be eliminated from the space, opening opportunities for a wide range of different uses. A 1:1 learning strategy enables schools to reconfigure under-utilized media center computer labs into more engaging, modern library spaces.modern library space

Here are four key factors to creating a modern library space:

Prioritize student needs

Consider how to best serve students who will be using the space and prioritize these needs in your design. After remote learning and other pandemic disruptions, it’s important that schools create welcoming and useful spaces that encourage students to get the best use out of the space––while still enjoying themselves.

Foster engagement and collaboration

Personal interactions were one of the biggest losses during the pandemic, and schools are still working to find ways to bring this critical connection back into the classroom. Creating a space that facilitates a balance between collaboration and independent working is key to encouraging personal interactions in modern library spaces.

Focus on comfort and function

Choosing furnishings and finishes that are not only comfortable, but also “student proof” is important for long-term function and durability in your library seating space. A variety of options from high-top tables to lounge seating ensures the space is comfortable and practical for students to use.

Design for flexibility

The main motivation for transforming an under-utilized learning space is to make the space more functional for your school’s needs. When creating a modern library space, it’s important to consider all of the different ways the space can be used, and design for flexibility.

Up until recently, libraries have been seen as a computer-centric learning space for research and technology resources. By creating modern library spaces, these areas can transform into hubs for community, collaboration, and engagement. To learn more about creating a modern library space, read Transforming a Dormant Computer Lab into an Engaging, Modern Learning Space on Spaces4Learning.