A Seat for Everyone and More: Flexible Seating for Flexible Spaces

A Seat for Everyone and More: New Products for Flexible Spaces

MiEN offers a wide variety of seating options that can accommodate use in many spaces––from K-12 and higher education classrooms and common areas to corporate and in-home offices. This week, MiEN introduces five new seating options which can be paired with MiEN’s vast range of other furniture products to create flexible spaces in a variety of settings. These seating options range in size, height, and mobility to fit a variety of functions and spaces, ensuring that there’s a seat for everyone in MiEN’s product line-up.

Here are some of MiEN’s newest innovative furniture products that can support flexible spaces in classrooms, offices, and beyond:

A3+ Pneumatic Swivel Chair

A3+ chairs make it easy to create an active and energetic classroom environment, with the option of casters for mobility that makes it possible to quickly transition a room between a lecture style and collaborative setting without interruption. These chairs are highly functional in classrooms looking to create more dynamic learning spaces with flexible layouts.A3+ Pneumatic Swivel Chair


Multi Solutions Chair

The Multi Solutions Chair (MSC) is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort with a gentle flex that responds to each individual. Comfort in work and learning spaces enables more focus and less stress––ultimately leading to better concentration and greater productivity. These chairs are truly versatile, integrating smoothly into any office, conference area, auditorium, cafeteria, or learning space.Multi Solutions Chair


ARCH Collection

The Always Ready Cafe & Hospitality (ARCH) Collection offers an elegant aesthetic and natural durability for uses in higher education and corporate environments. These chairs provide effortless mobility and stacking, making them highly functional in flexible spaces.ARCH Collection


DIY Chair

The Do It Yourself (DIY) backless chair is ideal for active learning environments, encouraging students to stay in a focused and engaged learning position. The backless design allows stools to be tucked beneath tables when standing and mobility around tables is more functional for learning. These chairs are particularly useful in STEAM classrooms, makerspaces, and libraries, but their flexibility allows them to fit smoothly into all learning environments.DIY Chair


STAR Counter and Cafe Stools

The STAR series of stools are available in counter and cafe height to fit with multiple tables and desks in a wide range of different spaces. A comfortable and innovative design, STAR stools are functional in both academic and corporate environments.STAR Counter and Cafe Stools


ACE Table

The Accelerate Collaboration Everywhere (ACE) Table is a workhorse for collaborative applications in media centers, active learning spaces, common areas, and beyond. The work table, which can easily be fitted with casters for mobility, partners with flexible seating options from rolling swivel chairs to the matching bench seating modified from the ACE coffee table size.ACE Table


EDGE Multi-Purpose Table

The EDGE Multi-Purpose Table is a durable work surface with edgy design features, creating a unique blend of function and aesthetic. With a tabletop dry erase surface, this table is primarily used to help collaboration and creativity flourish in makerspaces, STEAM classrooms, common areas, and more.EDGE Multi-Purpose Table


Flex Floor Modular Seating

This simple, yet functional modular foam furniture rests firmly on the floor of any common area or other flexible space, offering comfortable and relaxed seating for multiple students. The vinyl exterior fabric comes in a vast array of colors and patterns, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic throughout your school or office.Flex Floor Modular Seating


These new products are only a few of the wide range of functional and flexible furniture options available. With MiEN’s ever-growing line of unique and well-designed products, you will be able to find the perfect furniture solution to fit any learning or work space.