ACE Table

The ACE table is a workhorse for any task or team in a media center, active learning spaces, common spaces, café, or any dynamic makerspace that encourages collaboration.

BIFMA ANSI Certification


Accelerate Collaboration Everywhere

The Accelerate Collaboration Everywhere (ACE) table provides space for hands on exploration, building and making. The ACE table offers the opportunity to enhance social development by creating a safe space for social interaction, building connections, and collaboration. The 18″h, 29″h, and 42″h tables are very flexible and easily adapted to any learning activity.

Features & Benefits

  • Butcher block tops available in select sizes
  • Coffee table size can also be used as bench seating
  • Legs are offered in large array of colors
  • Made in USA
  • ADA Compliant Table Option Available
  • BIFMA ANSI Certified

ACE Table


Surface Laminate Options

PVC Edgeband

ACE Table pvc edgeband options

Standard Powder Coat Colors

Bench / Coffee Height

18″ Height

ACE Table

Seated Height

29″ Height

ACE Table

Cafe Height

42″ Height

ACE Table

Other Options


Available on 18″, 29″ and 42″

ACE Table glide options


Available at 29″

ACE Table caster option

Butcher Block

Optional Upgrade for 42″h

ACE Table

Bag Hook Option

Weight limit: 50lb

ACE Table bag hook option

Materials: Steel w/ silver powder coat

Dimensions: 2.4″W x 3.3″D x 2.2″H


  • Standard Work Surface: HPL surface (1.125″), particle board core, PVC edgeband
  • Upgraded Work Surface: Solid butcher block (1.75″), Only available on 42″h
  • Frame: Powder coated steel
  • Casters: 2″ locking soft casters, Only available on 29″h
  • Glides: Black plastic


  • Standard Heights: 18″ (coffee/bench) | 29″ (desk) | 42″ (standing)
  • Depths for 18″ Height: 18″, 24″
  • Depths for 29″ Height: 20″, 24″, 30″
  • Depths for 42″ Height: 30″, 36″
  • Standard Widths: 36″, 42″, 48″, 54″, 60″
  • Bench Dimensions: 14″D x 54″W x 18″H | 14″D x 60″W x 18″H
  • Butcher Block Top Sizes (only available on 42″H): 48″ x 36″ | 60″ x 30″ | 60″ x 36″
  • Crossbar: Required for 42″h tables 48″w or larger

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