EDspaces 2022: Come See MiEN’s Innovative, Patented Furnishings

EDspaces 2022: Come See MiEN’s Innovative, Patented Furnishings

The EDspaces 2022 conference and exhibit is right around the corner, and it’s one of our favorite places to gather each year to share and discover the latest innovation in education design. Come visit us at the exhibition to learn about our top patented furnishing products and creative ideas for your next learning space design.

This year, you will find MiEN at booth number 827, where we’ll be featuring some of our most innovative products. We are excited to showcase a selection of our learning space patented furnishings, as well as several of our products that are patent pending. Creating products that are unique and innovative is important to us, and we are proud to highlight these patented furnishings at EDspaces this year.MiEN Patented furnishings at EDspaces 2022

Why Do We Patent Learning Space Furnishings?

The purpose of a patent is to protect new and useful inventions, including original furniture designs if they meet these criteria. At MiEN, we dedicate significant time and research into creating innovative furniture pieces that impact learning spaces in a positive way. Not only is our product development process focused on what is practical, durable, and affordable for schools, but we also dedicate specific research to the connections between the function of our furnishings and the impact of different design elements on learning.

Taking the time to obtain patents on our products is our way of showing our confidence in the products we design. Through our many years of experience with learning space design and specific research on the impact of design on learning, MiEN has created unique products that are innovative and provide significant value in learning spaces all over the country. We know that our furnishings are useful and functional in learning spaces, and our patents confirm this value in an official way.

What We’ll Be Showcasing at EDSpaces This Year

Visit us on the EDspaces exhibition floor at booth #827 to learn about our innovative learning space furnishings, including several of our patented products. MiEN creates future ready learning spaces that promote student engagement and creative thinking while reflecting the core culture of the school. Our award-winning designs are flexible and adaptable, incorporating mobile and collaborative features that elevate the learning experience. Here are some of our favorite products that we’re showcasing at EDSpaces 2022 this year:

MUST+ Sit-2-Stand Table and Lectern

Sit-to-stand desks are integral in increasing student engagement in learning spaces, and our MUST+ Sit-2-Stand Table and Lectern is a perfect option to implement these desks in your learning space. Whether you add these desks to the media center, modern classroom spaces, or a makerspace, the MUST+ allows students mobility and function with an innovative and versatile design.

MiEN’s FFL Series of Chairs

Our FFL chair line is an ergonomically designed series of chairs that are a favorite to anyone looking for a contemporary yet classic option for a learning space. This chair body comes in a wide variety of colors and configurations, including a pneumatic swivel chair, lab stool, and reverse cantilever chair to fit any function and pair with any tables you select in your learning space.

FLEX Steps

Our FLEX Steps are an innovative, flexible lounge and seating design, which can be infinitely customized to create the perfect set-up for your learning environment. The tiered design provides a variety of seating and lounging options, perfect for any age group. Our innovative construction method allows units to be disassembled to fit through narrow doorways and makes it easy to replace just one seat or panel if fabric is punctured or damaged. This modular seating is great for many learning environment applications, from libraries to common areas.

Visit us at EDspaces 2022 to learn all about these products and more, including some of our most innovative ideas for designing learning spaces that promote engagement and empower learning!