Education Foundation Modern Student Centers

Education Foundation Modern Student Centers

Vigne says the furniture design was especially important. Working with MiEN, the design of the space was able to create a feel and a function like a college campus’ student union. “That’s where the architects directed us to MiEN, knowing that this is an area where they have quite an array of expertise,” says Vigne. “As a result, I have become a believer in and supporter of MiEN.”

For the centers, MiEN provided the seating, tables, board conference room seating, teacher desks, large tabletops, and shelving. The Education Foundation of Sarasota County intentionally complimented its school colors, but also came up with its own, unique color scheme.

For this project, MiEN also created a design element that was on par with the organization’s programmatic element—something that Vigne saw as critical to the centers’ success. “We’re working with a teenage audience, so we have to spark curiosity in order to draw them in,” says Vigne. “Otherwise, they’re just going to pass us by and not gravitate toward it.”

Jennifer Vigne, president and CEO, Education Foundation of Sarasota County

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