Highline H-Frame Table

Discover the transformative elegance and functionality of the Highline H-Frame Table, your ultimate collaboration partner. Engineered for the dynamic spaces of K-12 and higher education, this multi-purpose table seamlessly blends into conference areas, common spaces, and specialized educational settings. With its sleek steel powder coated frame, the Highline table is more than just furniture; it’s a statement of modernity and versatility. Choose your canvas from a selection of worksurface materials, including the high-pressure laminate or solid butcher block, to elevate your environment. Experience the future of collaborative and educational spaces with the Highline H-Frame Table – where durability meets design.


A Durable Multi-Purpose Table For Any Environment

The Highline H-Frame Table is a paradigm of versatility and robust construction, tailored for the evolving educational landscape. This table stands on a foundation of durable steel, ensuring longevity. The worksurface, a generous 1.125″ thick, comes in standard HPL with a particle board core and PVC edgeband, with an option to upgrade to the 1.75″ solid butcher block for a touch of warmth and elegance. Customize your space with a range of sizes (depths of 36” or 42” and widths from 48” to 72”) and heights (Coffee, Seated, Cafe) to fit any setting. The Highline table adapts to your needs, offering both glide and caster options for stationary or mobile configurations. Perfect for collaborative spaces, conference settings, and versatile educational environments, the Highline table embodies the spirit of adaptability and innovation.

Features & Benefits

  • Butcher block tops available in select sizes
  • Legs are offered in large array of powder coated colors
  • Made in USA

Surface Laminate Options

PVC Edgeband

ACE Table pvc edgeband options

Standard Powder Coat Colors

Contact MiEN representative for additional powder coat options

Coffee Height

18″ Height

Highline H-frame table coffee height

Seated Height

29″ Height

Highline H-frame table seated height

Cafe Height

42″ Height

Highline H-frame table cafe height

Glides & Casters

*Only Seated & Cafe height can have casters

Highline H-Frame tables caster or glide options

Flushed & Overhang Worksurfaces

*Overhanging worksurface adds 6” to the depth and width

Highline H-frame table flushed or overhand worksurfaces

Butcher Block

*Only available in certain sizes

Highline H-frame table with butcher block worksurface

Height Comparison

Highline H-frame height comparison


  • Worksurface (1.125”): HPL, particle board core, PVC edgeband
  • Upgraded Worksurface (Optional): Solid butcher block (1.75“)
  • Frame: Powder coated steel
  • Glides: Steel
  • Casters (Optional): Black 2.5” locking soft casters
    *Only Seated & Cafe height can have casters


  • Depth: 36” | 42”
  • Width: 48” | 54” | 60” | 72”
  • Height: Coffee (18“) | Seated (29”) | Cafe (41”)
  • Butcher Block: 36”D x 48”W | 36”D x 60”W | 48”D x 48”W
*Worksurface overhang (excluding  Butcher Block) adds 6” to the depth and width

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