EGR Makerspace Cabinet

Compliment your learning environment with one of six different size metal EGR Makerspace Cabinets. Personalize this product by selecting metal shelves or KIO Bin Trays for each cabinet column. Customize further by picking the perfect color and size KIO bins for your space!

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EGR Makerspace Cabinets are versatile and suitable for many spaces. This multi-use makerspace cabinet includes metal pegboard sides and a magnetic white markerboard back. Single KIO Bin Trays provide convenient storage for students to keep their pencils, notebooks, and other belongings. Double trays are great for students’ larger items or for classroom supplies. Triple and Quad trays offer makerspace storage to become both organized and simple.

Features & Benefits

EGR Makerspace Cabinet


2 Column Cabinets

Available in three heights

EGR Makerspace Cabinet

3 Column Cabinets

Available in three heights

EGR Makerspace Cabinet

Bin Trays or Shelves

Select if you want bin trays or metal shelve for each column

EGR Makerspace Cabinet


  • Cabinet Body: Steel finished with silver powder coat
  • Back: Metal whiteboard (magnetic)
  • Standard Bin Trays (Add-On): High impact polystyrene (HIPS)
  • Clear Bin Trays (Add-on): Clear ABS plastic
  • Casters: 4″ nylon casters


  • Depth: 17.75″
  • Widths: 28″ (2-Column), 42″ (3-Column)
  • Heights: 31″ (Small), 42.375″ (Medium), 54.125″ (Large)
  • Bin Heights: 3″, 6″, 9″, 12″ (3″ bins shown in images)

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EGR Makerspace Cabinet



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