Plastic Storage Bins

Shatterproof Plastic Storage Bins are the essential component of an evolving self-organized environment. The broad range of size options supports the organization of the smallest manipulatives to the largest of resources. This diversity keeps an environment de-cluttered, allowing for highly mobile educational activities. Housing plastic trays in various carts or wall units allow trays to be reconfigurable. Incorporating plastic storage enhancements creatively permits personalization.

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Because Flexible Storage is Key

The plastic storage bins strength and durability is perfect for flexible storage. These storage bins can be paired with a variety of MiEN product lines such as EGR, KIO, KIO Class, Large CRE8 and post-leg student desks. Move plastic bins easily from one product to another as the lesson plan changes or the learning environment evolves. Personalize the plastic storage bins with optional inserts, ticket windows, lids, and file frame inserts.

Cleaning: smooth radius corners of 3/16″ ease cleaning in sanitary environments, simply clean with soap & water.

Function: due to runner design, tote trays are interchangeable, reversible and reconfigurable.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrate well with certain KIO, KIO Class, CRE8, and EGR storage lines
  • Can be added to certain student desks for added storage
  • Variety of colors options & 4 sizes
  • Safety tilt feature to prevent drawers from easily failing out of desks or storage solutions
  • Shatterproof Plastic
  • Made in the USA
  • Unique dual labeling system: ticket window label or ‘E-Z’ peel are for larger sticky labels
  • All tote trays carry a limited lifetime warranty

Storage Bins


Primary Colors

Storage Bins

Clear Colors

Storage Bins


Single Depth

3 inches

Double Depth

6 inches

Triple Depth

9 inches

Quad Depth

12 inches

Storage Bins

Storage Bins

Storage Bins

Storage Bins


Single Divider

2 can fit per bin

2 Division

2 can fit per bin

3 Division Short

2 can fit per bin

Storage Bins

Storage Bins

Storage Bins

3 Division Long

2 can fit per bin

4 Division

2 can fit per bin

Clear Lid

1 can fit per bin

Storage Bins

Storage Bins

Storage Bins


  • Clear Tray: injected-molded with engineering grade ABS, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Solid Color Tray: injected-molded from SuperTuff HIPS, High Impact Polystyrene


  • Width: 12.25″w
  • Depths: 3″h (single), 6″h (double), 9″h (triple), 12″h (quad)

*Tray runners included with primary bin-compatible products (EGR, KIO, KIO Class, Large CRE8, etc.)



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