F2F Post Leg Table

The look and feel of our traditional F2F series, but in post leg form. The F2F Post Leg table is available in a large variety of top sizes and heights. Pair with the work surface shape that fits the need of a particular learning environment, and customize with a unique laminate selection.

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Inspire Learning

Boasting a huge variety of work surface shape options, our F2F Post Leg table base can be customized to fit the need of any space. Looking for a playful shape that fits multiple users? Our Splash table sits 3-4 users and creates an environment that will inspire creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Customize this table by selecting the perfect leg type, work surface shape, or by adding casters.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable height
  • Variety of playful work surface shapes
  • Available with casters
  • Various sizes available
  • ADA Compliant Table Option Available


Surface Laminate Options

PVC Edgeband

F2F Post Leg Table PVC Edgeband

Twist Adjustable Legs

Low & Standard Height

F2F Post Leg Table Twist Adjustable Leg


F2F Post Leg Table Caster Leg

Slice Shape

Patent pending

F2F Post Leg Table

Bag Hook Option

Weight limit: 50lb

F2F Post Leg Table Bag Hook

Materials: Steel w/ silver powder coat

Dimensions: 2.4″W x 3.3″D x 2.2″H

Top Sizes

  • Half Round: 48″ x 24″
  • Horseshoe: 60″ x 60″
  • Hub: 67″ x 67″
  • Kidney: 72″ x 36″
  • Linc: 32″ x 22″
  • Pacman: 42″ x 48″
  • Pentagon: 52″ x 28″
  • Splash: 62″ x 43″
  • Sprocket: 68″ x 60″
  • Swerve: 72″ x 41″
  • Trapezoid: 66″ x 29″
  • Wing: 73″ x 42″


  • Worksurface (1.125”): HPL, particle board core, PVC edgeband
  • Frame: Steel w/ silver powder coat
  • Glides: Black plastic
  • Casters (Optional): Grey nylon, locking, 2.5” dual wheel


  • Twist Adjustable Legs: 22“ – 31.5”
  • Set-Screw Adjustable Legs: 29“ – 42”

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