F4A Coffee Table

Elevate your café or lounge space with the F4A Coffee Table, where minimalist aesthetics meet versatile functionality. Designed to seamlessly fit into modern settings, this table transcends its purpose to not just be a piece of furniture, but a statement. Whether you’re using it for casual meetups or as a centerpiece in an educational institution, its freestanding feature in both square or round top offers unparalleled flexibility and sophistication.

BIFMA ANSI Certification


F4A [Free-For-All] Café Functionality

Ideal for café, communal spaces, and lounges, the F4A Coffee Table offers boundless utility to suit your needs. With a variety of tabletop dimensions, this versatile table effortlessly adapts to diverse environments, making it a breeze to customize for any setting.

Features & Benefits

  • Made in USA
  • Round or square bases
  • Base includes adjustable plastic leveling glides
  • Numerous top sizes available
  • BIFMA ANSI Certified

Surface Laminate Options

PVC Edgeband

F4A Table pvc edgeband options


Square Base

F4A Coffee Table

Round Base

F4A Coffee Table


  • Work-surface: 1.125″ particleboard core HPL with PVC edgeband
  • Base and Column: Steel finished in silver powder-coated paint
  • Leveling Glides: Adjustable Plastic Glides


  • Height (18″) top options:
    • Worksurface – Round: 30″ | 36″ | 42″
    • Worksurface – Star: 36″
    • Worksurface – Square: 30″ | 36″
    • Base – Round (Diameter): 23.75“ (for 30” & 36”)
    • Base – Round (Diameter): 27.84“ (for 42” and Star Worksurface)
    • Base – Square (Dimension): 23.75“ x 23.75”
  • Column Diameter: 4″ or 6″

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