GR8 Conference Table

A true declaration of contemporary styling, the GR8 Conference table features an expansive work surface which appears to be elegantly floating atop a sleek frame.

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Large and In charge

Sleek and purposeful, the GR8 Conference table takes command of the room with a contemporary yet timeless look and feel. Perfect for formal meetings or collaborative sessions requiring ample space to spread out and discuss materials. This is truly a great table with lots to offer at an affordable price point.

Features & Benefits

  • Sleek modern leg style
  • Fixed height frame is 29.5″ high
  • Integrated horizontal cable management
  • Various sizes available


Surface Laminate Options

PVC Edgeband

GR8 Conference Table PVC Edgeband Option

Power/Data Unit

Axil Z Power Unit available in white or black. Conference tables that use 2 work surfaces will come with 2 power units.

Bag Hook Option

Weight limit: 50lb

GR8 Conference Table Bag Hook Option

Materials: Steel w/ silver powder coat

Dimensions: 2.4″W x 3.3″D x 2.2″H


  • Work surface: Particleboard core, HPL with PVC edge-band
  • Frame: Steel finished with silver powder-coated paint
  • Glides: Black plastic
  • Axil Z Power Unit when applicable: Anodized aluminum finished with white or black powder-coat finish


  • Fixed height: 29.5″h
  • Surface sizes:
    • 120″ x 58.75″ (60″ x 58.75″, qty 2)
    • 72″ x 58.75
    • 120″ x 48″ (60″ x 48″, qty 2)
    • 96″ x 48″ (48″ x 48″, qty 2)
    • 96″ x 29.5″ (48″ x 29.5″, qty 2)

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