Q&A with Christian and Claire: Top 5 Favorite MiEN Products

Q&A with Christian and Claire: Top 5 Favorite MiEN Products

Welcome to the MiEN Environments Top 5 Series, where our regional directors, account managers, and designers share their favorite MiEN products. Here we will breakdown the value our employees and our customers find in the solutions designed with specific products and why those products meet modern educational needs.

This week we asked a few questions to our Regional Director, Christian Frank, and our Interior Designer, Claire McNaught.

Q: Christian, what are your top 5 favorite MiEN products? 

Christian: My favorite products are the EDGE Table, 2G2BT w/ HMU side table, Chameleon Sofa w/ Power Unit, MUST+ & RKR Combo, and FLEX Steps

EDGE Table

Q: Christian, what makes the EDGE Table standout to you?

Christian: What’s not to love, this all-steel table is a tank. Whether it’s the large cafe version, something at counter height, or a smaller seated height table the size of a student desk, this product has both function and style in mind. It’s mobile, writable, and can be customized with pegboard sides or a marker tray. Did I mention, it can come in just about any school color you can think of, with a max lead time of just a couple of weeks.

Q: Claire, why do customers enjoy adding the EDGE Table into their designs and spaces?

Claire: The color possibilities are so fun with the EDGE Table! It really offers a great branding element and the colors are transitional from education to workplace.

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2G2BT Presentation Station w/ HMU Side Table

Q: Christian, why is the 2G2BT with the HMU side table a must-have for educators?

Christian: With the footprint of teaching stations shrinking in modern, student-focused learning environments, this is a great solution. It offers the instructor ample customizable storage in a locking cabinet, mobility, and a breakaway pneumatic sit-2-stand side table (hit me up) that lets you take that lesson to the students.  It all makes this combo truly seem “too good to be true.”

Q: Claire, why do you like to include the 2G2BT in your designs?

Claire: I use the 2G2BT w/ the HMU Side Table in my designs because it’s compact, mobile, and it has storage. The detachable HMU Side Table allows the teacher to form the space and adapt to each student’s learning style. It’s a practical product for lesson planning and instruction!

Chameleon Lounge Sofa w/ Power Unit

Q: Christian, why does the Chameleon Lounge Sofa w/ Power Unit crack your top 5?

Christian: This combo of 2 Chameleon Corner Chairs separated by a Chameleon Power Unit offers comfort, a place to plug-in, and a handy work surface, without the risk of somebody using the sofa for a nap. Think heavy-duty handmade wooden furniture that’s built to last. Fun fact: the legs can pivot and be ganged together making this one piece, but the wooden construction is heavy enough to keep it stationary without it.

Q: Claire, what makes the Chameleon Lounge Sofa w/ Power Unit unique?

Claire: It’s versatile- it can be used in education, offices, libraries, you name it! These are the types of products used in professional settings, so I love to design them into educational spaces because it gives students experience to the environments they will have after education.

MiEN Top Products
MiEN Top Products

MUST+ Sit-2-Stand Student Table & RKR Adjustable Stool Combination

Q: Christian, what makes the RKR and the MUST+ a great pair?

Christian: Can you think of a more inviting looking teaching scenario than an instructor comfortably perched on a pneumatic upholstered balancing stool, leading a vigorous conversation? Pair that up with the MUST+ table set at standing-height for their laptop or textbook and you’ve got a winning combo. I use the RKR at my own Sit-2-Stand desk in the office and love the convenience. Drop the height-adjustable table down and roll it up to a piece of soft seating like a tv tray. Or tilt the work surface vertically and nest it with others against the wall. Let’s see any other sit-2-stand student desks on the market do that!

Q: Claire, why do you think Christian likes the pairing of the MUST+ and the RKR?

Claire: So many uses in one! We use the combination for teachers, student desks, media centers, and everywhere in between. No matter the application, the user has a choice – they can determine the angle, material selection, surface, and seat height.

FLEX Steps

Q: Christian, why are the FLEX Steps in your favorites?

Christian: These heavy-duty non-traditional seating options are like magnets for students of all ages. Add power, and folks can plug in while they lounge or collaborate. Again, durability and adaptability are the names of the game. Our wooden constructed STEPS hold their lines and won’t shrink like the cheap, foam block stuff. With our individually upholstered panels, the fabric won’t puddle and can be easily serviced in the field, without having to return it to the factory to be reupholstered. You’ll never have to take it out of use.

Q: Claire, how do the FLEX Steps add value to learning spaces?

Claire: The FLEX Steps have endless combinations not only in terms of configuration but also fabric options! Like Christian said, each panel is upholstered separately so you can bring colors and patterns that tie your space together.

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Stay tuned for the next top 5 series featuring Regional Director Jonathan Gossom and Interior Designer Ryanne DeJonge. Want to learn more about what a modern computer lab looks like today? Check out this recent blog post.