Q&A with Eliza and Hannah: Top 5 Favorite MiEN Products

Q&A with Eliza and Hannah: Top 5 Favorite MiEN Products

Eliza Jensen

Eliza Jensen

Hannah Carson

Hannah Carson

Welcome to the MiEN Environments Top 5 Series, where our regional directors, account managers, and designers share their favorite MiEN products. Here we will breakdown the value our employees and our customers find in the solutions designed with specific products and why those products meet modern educational needs.

We recently asked a few questions to our Account Manager, Eliza Jensen, and our Interior Designer, Hannah Carson.

Q: Eliza, what are your top 5 favorite MiEN products? 

  • KIO Tinker
  • BAY Lounge Chair
  • CRE8 Makerspace Table
  • FLEX Steps
  • Divide Mobile Storage Markerboard

KIO Tinker

Q: Eliza, what makes the KIO Tinker a great choice for learners of all ages?

Eliza: KIO Tinker is a great solution because it is such a versatile product. It is great for media centers, learning commons, classrooms and makerspaces. You can choose to use all the shelving for added storage, or it can be outfitted for users to sit or stand around. The middle compartment allows you to stay organized and store both materials and the shelves that aren’t being used. The Tinker is available in several sizes to accommodate all ages of learners which I especially love!

Q: Hannah, why do you enjoy adding the KIO Tinker to your designs?

Hannah: KIO Tinker is an ideal solution for various spaces! I love the functionality this piece brings and that it can be a solution across several different budgets in our offering with a Melamine base with an HPL top, Total HPL, and even Duo-Tone HPL, which is great to bring in a pop of color!

KIO Tinker
BAY Lounge Chair in Common Area

BAY Lounge Chair

Q: Eliza, why is BAY Lounge Chair one of your favorites?

Eliza: BAY chair is a favorite of mine for a couple of reasons. One being that it has such a sophisticated look that it can be used in different areas of a school, as well as outside of the education market! The other is that it is a very comfortable chair for any user. It has a 360 memory return swivel so it ensures the chairs will continue to face the way they were designed to even after it’s been used!

Q: Hannah, why do customers enjoy the BAY Lounge Chair?

Hannah: Customers love the BAY Chair because of its sleek look and memory return that keeps the space looking untouched! I love incorporating the BAY Chair into higher education and lounge spaces and providing them with a more sophisticated look. It can be upholstered in a large variety of fabric, vinyls, and leathers!

CRE8 Makerspace Table

Q: Eliza, what makes the CRE8 makerspace a dynamic table?

Eliza: CRE8 is basically whatever you want it to be! I love all the different possibilities this product has to offer. Different sizes, heights, worksurface and storage options. Plus it’s on casters! CRE8 is the perfect solution if a school doesn’t have the space or budget for a complete makerspace. By adding a CRE8 to a learning commons or media center you are creating a zone that encourages hands-on learning immediately!

Q: Hannah, what makes the CRE8 makerspace table a flexible solution for educators?

Hannah: CRE8 provides a great combined table/storage solution in any space! These work great for a makerspace, but in a classroom where there isn’t much built-in storage, the lockable cabinets on these units are perfect! The Amoeba shape top incorporating a school color with the laminate is always fun to use for the younger kids, and the Butcher Block Top option is my favorite to bring in for a more elevated look.

Top MiEN Products
Active Teaching and Learning Spaces

FLEX Steps

Q: Eliza, why do the FLEX Steps make your top 5?

Eliza: I love the look of tiered seating in a space. You can mix and match color combinations and also the pieces to create different configurations. Whether it is in a classroom, learning commons, or an entryway; the FLEX Steps are a great solution. They don’t just look cool, they are super functional for both collaborative and individual learning!

Q: Hannah, what makes FLEX Steps a great learning space option?

Hannah: Everyone loves a learning step! I like that each panel on the FLEX Steps is upholstered individually so there’s so much you can do with color to create a statement in your space. Our FLEX Steps are so versatile and can be a great fit across different needs of age groups and spaces with our FLEX Steps EVO, too!

DIVIDE Mobile Storage Markerboard

Q: Eliza, what are the benefits of the DIVIDE Mobile Storage?

Eliza: Divide Storage is one of my favorite multi-purpose products! It offers a double sided magnetic markerboard, storage, and its mobile! You can store our FLEX Seat Pads in it and easily create a learning space. I love using it for elementary students because it goes all the way to the floor so they can fully utilize it!

Q: Hannah, how does the DIVIDE Mobile Storage help elementary educators?

Hannah: The Divide Marker Board Storage is such a good functional piece for a K-5 classroom! The teacher can store our plastic bins on the shelves, along with other small items that are needed regularly, and pull the mobile white board around the room and get closer to students desks for 1 on 1 learning. Because this marker board is double sided, it works great as a partition as well!

Classroom Learning Zones

Stay tuned for the next top 5 series featuring Account Manager, Scott Doney, and Interior Designer Mary Longo. Interested in learning more about esports in education? Check out our new esports white paper!