Q&A with Kara and Mary: Top 5 Favorite MiEN Company Products

Q&A with Kara and Mary: Top 5 Favorite MiEN Products

Kara Zmudka

Kara Zmudka

Mary Longo

Mary Longo

Welcome to the MiEN Environments Top 5 Series, where our regional directors, account managers, and designers share their favorite MiEN Company top 5 products. Here we will breakdown the value our employees and our customers find in the solutions designed with specific products and why those products meet modern educational needs.

We recently asked a few questions to our Account Manager, Kara Zmudka, and our Interior Designer, Mary Longo.

Q: Kara, what are your top 5 favorite MiEN Company products? 

  • STAR Chair
  • Chameleon Lounge Series
  • THX Vinton Wave Teacher Station
  • DIAL Table
  • FLEX Steps EVO

STAR Chair

Q: Kara, what makes the STAR Chair a great option for a variety of learning spaces?

Kara: The STAR Chair is an easy go-to because it fits into any and all learning spaces. My favorite thing about STAR is the backpack holding feature. This has been especially helpful in cafeteria designs to keep personal belongings off of a dirty floor, or even as a student chair to provide storage in the classrooms at schools without locker solutions.

Q: Mary, what makes the STAR chair a great addition to learning spaces?

Mary: The fun and playful shape of the STAR Chair can really liven up any space it’s put into. This product is a go-to because it can fit within any elementary, middle, and high school learning environment. Not to mention, the color offerings are super unique and pretty.

STAR Chair
Chameleon Lounge Series

Chameleon Lounge Series

Q: Kara, why did you choose the Chameleon Lounge Series?

Kara: I don’t know if I am allowed to pick a line with 60+ variations as a favorite, but here I am. MiEN’s Chameleon line is incredibly versatile. Need a booth system for students to gather at lunch? A comfy seat with a built-in workspace to do homework? A statement piece for your lobby or common areas? A place for grandparents to sit while they wait for the auditorium to open? Check, check, check, check. It’s hard to pick just one.

Q: Mary, why do you enjoy adding the Chameleon Lounge Series to your designs?

Mary: The Chameleon line is so fun to play around with and always allows me to think outside of the box. I love hearing a school’s vision and coming up with a configuration to fit those needs. It’s the best feeling when I see a customer’s face when their vision has come to life.

THX Vinton Wave Teacher Station

Q: Kara, what makes the THX Vinton Wave a dynamic teacher station?

Kara: Traditional meets modern with this versatile teacher station. It provides the teacher with a “home base” while also allowing for an active learning environment with a mobile, height-adjustable lectern.

Q: Mary, why do educators love the THX Vinton Wave teacher station?

Mary: The THX Vinton Wave Teacher Station is the trifecta. A large work surface, a storage solution, and sit-to-stand teacher lectern. The wave in the table adds a nice design touch as well.

THX Vinton Wave Teacher Station
DIAL Post-Leg Table

Dial Post-Leg Table

Q: Kara, why is the DIAL Post-Leg Table growing in popularity?

Kara: The ability to choose from 50+ powder coat colors has quickly made DIAL Post-Leg Tables a customer favorite. Choose ANY table shape you want and match school colors? Yes, please.

Q: Mary, what do you like about the DIAL Post-Leg Table?

Mary: All of the color and table shape options really make this table series special. Not to mention the customization available from MiEN’s Customs Team. Whatever table shape and size you want, we got you.


Q: Kara, what makes the FLEX Steps EVO a good learning space solution?

Kara: EVO is a tiered level seating solution that creates one-of-a-kind learning environments. Perfect for casual lounging or stadium style seating in any media center, common space, or esports lounge. We love matching the EVO laminate selection to cased goods or work surfaces throughout the space for a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design.

Q: Mary, what do you have to add about FLEX Steps EVO?

Mary: THE BEST! I love how the vertical laminate transforms the product into something sophisticated, yet fun and comfortable. EVO can fit into so many different spaces from high schools, to colleges/universities, office admin areas, and even kid’s doctor office waiting rooms! Skys the limit.


Stay tuned for the next top 5 series featuring Learning Environments Specialist, Tyler Pellerito, and Interior Designer Ryanne DeJonge. Interested in learning more about esports in education? Check out our new esports white paper!