Q&A with Kim and Marissa: Top 5 Favorite MiEN Products

Q&A with Kim and Marissa: Top 5 Favorite MiEN Products

Welcome to the MiEN Environments Top 5 Series, where our regional directors, account managers, and designers share their favorite MiEN products. Here we will breakdown the value our employees and our customers find in the solutions designed with specific products and why those products meet modern education needs.

To kick it off, we asked some questions to our Regional Director, Kim Diaz, and our Interior Designer, Marissa Onesian.

Q: Kim, what are your top 5 favorite MiEN products? 

Kim: My favorite products are the SHARE Table, Chameleon Square Chair with a tablet arm, CRE8 Table, F2F Early Childhood Tabe, and KIO Tables

Share Table

Q: Kim, why is the SHARE Table in your top 5?

Kim: I like that SHARE tables are available in three different heights with mitered or metal edgebands, they seem to be a statement piece in any learning space.  I love the ability to do a pop of color on the underside to bring a little fun into the room.  Most frequently, I use FFL chairs or stools with SHARE table, but I also like to use our FLEX 24″ high upholstered stools whenever possible!

Q: Marissa, why do you enjoy adding SHARE tables to your designs, and how do schools feel about the product?

Marissa: Customers love this table because it is a great statement piece for Media Centers especially. Students love to touch down here – especially when it is at standing height (42H) so they can just walk up and chat with a group or quickly plug in their devices. Duo-tone laminate on these are a real show-stopper! An easy way to bring more color into the space.

Innovative MiEN Products
MiEN Products

Chameleon Square Chair with tablet arm

Q: Kim, why do you like the Chameleon Square Chair with a tablet arm?

Kim: The Chameleon Square Chair with a tablet arm offers a comfortable seat for the user with a built-in work surface for a device or a notepad. I prefer putting casters on them so they can be reconfigured easily!

Q: Marissa, what value does the Chameleon Square Chair with a tablet arm add to a learning space?

Marissa: Kim and I place pods of 4 of these in spaces as a collaboration zone for students – they can either stay in a group or be separated so a student can work and focus individually. Casters on these are definitely ideal for easy mobility and flexibility of the space.

CRE8 Table

Q: Kim, what makes the CRE8 Table unique to you?

Kim: First off, the CRE8 table is available in a variety of heights and sizes with different storage options underneath. Next, CRE8 is the perfect solution for project-based learning. Lastly, the Large CRE8 with Butcher Block is my favorite because it has an industrial feel but still pairs up well with all other MiEN products in the space.

Q: Marissa, why do you like including the CRE8 in your designs?

Although I use 36H most often in my designs, I love how you can get this in all 3 heights so it can be used in elementary schools as well. The butcherblock surface is a crowd favorite for added durability and the “STEM” lab look. The variety of base options for the Large CRE8 offer customers unique aesthetics and function to bring to the learning spaces.

Flexible MiEN Products
MiEN Products

F2F Early Childhood Table

Q: Kim, why does the F2F Early Childhood Table make your list?

Kim: I love these because we can do any shape available in the F2F family at 15″H.  These are perfect for Elementary classrooms because kids like sitting on the floor and this table offers them a workspace to do so, it is an ideal solution.  Whenever possible, I pair these with our FLEX Seat Pads!

Q: Marissa, what stands out to you about the F2F Early Childhood Table?

Marissa: These tables are ADORABLE – perfect for any child to work. Amoeba is my favorite shape at this height! These pair perfectly with our FLEX Seat Pads or just with our small FFL Student Chair.

KIO Table

Q: Kim, why are the KIO Tables in your favorites?

Kim: I use the KIO Tables frequently at 36″ and 42″ high to offer stadium seating in all areas of a building.  This is a great solution when small groups need to gather in a small footprint.  I suggest adding casters to the tables (and FLEX benches in front) which allow for flexibility in the arrangement of the pieces.

Q: Marissa, why do you think Kim included this in her Top 5?

Marissa: Because it’s another crowd favorite, these tables work great with all of our soft seating! Like Kim mentioned, stadium seating is a great asset to any media center to provide additional seating in the same group. The variety of heights gives the ability for all ages to use and the mobility option is great for the end-users who want all furniture to be on casters.

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