Q&A with Scott and Mary: Top 5 Favorite MiEN Products

Q&A with Scott and Mary: Top 5 Favorite MiEN Products

Scott Doney

Scott Doney

Mary Longo

Mary Longo

Welcome to the MiEN Environments Top 5 Series, where our regional directors, account managers, and designers share their favorite MiEN products. Here we will breakdown the value our employees and our customers find in the solutions designed with specific products and why those products meet modern educational needs.

We recently asked a few questions to our Account Manager, Scott Doney, and our Interior Designer, Mary Longo.

Q: Scott, what are your top 5 favorite MiEN products? 

  • ACE Table Series
  • SHARE Table
  • 2G2BT Teacher Stations
  • HIH Pneumatic
  • KIO Class

ACE Table

Q: Scott, what makes the ACE Table series a versatile learning space solution?

Scott: This is an exciting piece that gives a different look to a space with the A-frame. These tables have the capability to fit in many different environments (reception spaces, makerspaces, flex spaces, classrooms) and can provide a place for color in a room that may not have a lot. My favorite configuration is the picnic style.

Q: Mary, why do you enjoy adding the ACE Table to your designs?

Mary: I love the variety our ACE table has to offer! We can do a cafe height table with butcher block in makerspace and art rooms, picnic style seating with benches in cafeterias, and even early elementary height paired with FLEX Seat Pads for younger kids to sit on the floor and work at the table. Not to mention, we can add school colors using the endless powder coat color options.

Foster Heights Middle School Modern Common Area
Mulberry Senior High School Modern Media Center


Q: Scott, why is the SHARE Table a great addition to most learning spaces?

Scott: A solid community table that blends not only across different environments (high traffic areas, teacher work rooms, media centers) but also across markets (K-12, Higher Ed, Commercial). I love having the ability to provide a great landing spot to seamlessly incorporate power and school/user colors while still keeping the continuity in a room with other casework etc. The different sizes and the recent additions to this family make it a great talking piece when discussing new environments in any project.

Q: Mary, why do customers enjoy the SHARE Table?

Mary: SHARE is great for so many different settings as Scott mentioned. Duo-Tone allows us to really play with laminates to make it fun for kids, or modern and sophisticated for higher education and commercial use. The option to add a metal edge makes the table look sleek and increases durability/longevity. I also always like to incorporate the power to allow users to charge their devices while they gather and collaborate.

2G2BT Teacher Stations

Q: Scott, what makes the 2G2BT a dynamic teacher station?

Scott: The biggest highlight of this piece I love is the control that the user has over the unit configuration. With so many options, we can fulfill the client’s expectations every time. I also love how we give the educator a home without taking up a large footprint in a space with a traditional teacher’s desk. This unit can cross into many different environments and throughout all of the education market which I also love.

Q: Mary, what makes the 2G2BT teacher station a flexible solution for educators?

Mary: These teacher stations have so many options! Whether it be a hinging top, doors, drawers, or fixed side table we can mix and match to make it exactly what the user needs. My favorite is the Open Face Station because it satisfies all your storage needs and includes the removable/height-adjustable HMU Side Table!

St. Stephens Learning Environment
PAL Straight-Leg Student Table

HIH Pneumatic Stool

Q: Scott, why is the HIH Pneumatic Stool a good option for young learners?

Scott: A great product that many schools across the country put in their younger learning environments. I love how we are giving children options for the height that they want to work in their environment at. I also love how it can give a little color to a space with the rim.

Q: Mary, what do you like most about the HIH Pneumatic Stool?

Mary: HIH is an awesome stool, when we released HIH Pneumatic it became even better! This stool allows younger kids to take charge of their environment and work at their desired height. The self-balancing base allows students to move while also being engaged. With the lip on the underside of the stool, it is simple to hang the stools from any classroom desk, you can even have the kids help you “Hang It Here”.

KIO Class

Q: Scott, what are the benefits of the KIO Class?

Scott: I am a big fan of the KIO class for a few reasons. The first is that configuration of the compartments within the unit can be changed down the road. Giving the user options as the use of the storage unit changes. I love being able to give open and closed access to the unit which allows it to be placed in multiple applications. This gives the client control and choice which I love. The mobility of the unit also makes a popular choice in many environments and I am always excited to program this piece in a project.

Q: Mary, how does KIO Class Storage help educators?

Mary: I love how flexible KIO Class is. A choice of doors, bins or shelves allows for the user to mix and match as they please. I usually incorporate bins when I can since they can be moved between our products. The small footprint and mobility are popular among end users, as storage is usually hard to come by in the classroom.

KIO Class

Stay tuned for the next top 5 series featuring Account Manager, Kara Zmudka, and Interior Designer Mary Longo. Interested in learning more about esports in education? Check out our new esports white paper!