3 Types of Modern Media Shelving: Curved Bookcases, KIO Tinker, & DIVIDE Storage

3 Types of Modern Media Shelving: Curved Bookcases, KIO Tinker, & DIVIDE Storage

Author: Dr. Christina Counts

For a long time, the only storage option available for K-12 media centers was lining up rows and rows of traditional bookshelves. While we still love to see a row or two of traditional straight bookcases for vertical organization of reading materials in a library, a whole room full of these stationary shelves tends to limit the other activities that can take place in the space. To improve the flexibility of your media center and promote active learning, think outside the box. When choosing shelving for your modern library space, MiEN offers a bookshelf with seating area, with the KIO Cottage.

Expand the concept of library bookcases with these three flexible and versatile shelving options: The KIO Curved Mobile Bookcase, KIO Tinker, and DIVIDE Storage. Not only do these pieces function as a traditional storage shelf, but they also can help define a learning area, acting as a room divider or create breakaway areas in open, active learning spaces.

Curved Mobile Shelving

Curved bookcases are designed with schools and libraries in mind: The soft curves help to lead students through the media center and can be positioned to create relaxed, quiet spaces to browse and read. MiEN’s KIO Curved Mobile Bookcase is a dynamic bookshelf design with many different configurations to support an active library space.

A single-sided bookshelf is great for acting as a divider for quiet reading nooks or small breakout spaces. With an optional markerboard side, create collaborative areas where students can work together and present their work––add a little whimsy by creating flower-shaped seating areas with MiEN’s lightweight and mobile FLEX Petal Stools and FLEX Small Round Stools. Locking casters on the KIO Curved Mobile Bookcase allow for units to be moved around when a change is needed but keep the shelves in place as students browse books and utilize the markerboard backing. The KIO Curved Mobile Bookcase is even designed to pair perfectly with FLEX 60º Curved Bench, making it the ideal option for reading nooks and quiet lounge areas.Curved Bookcases and Modern Shelving

KIO Tinker

The KIO Tinker is the ideal table for learners to explore, create, and investigate with a large surface area and multiple storage possibilities. This table can be customized for sitting or standing around the table, and casters make the unit mobile for increased flexibility. Curved table edges improve students’ access to the tabletop and central storage area no matter where they are seated or standing around the unit. Additional configurations make the table accessible to early elementary learners, and adjustable shelves offer a variety of storage options. The KIO Tinker is perfect for modern media centers with its stow-away storage compartment in the center of the table, which makes the large tabletop area flexible for a wide range of activities.

DIVIDE Storage

Maintain the same practical, vertical storage space of traditional shelves, but gain the additional benefits of a mobile divider and magnetic markerboard with the DIVIDE Mobile Storage Markerboard. You can store anything you want in this spacious storage unit, but it’s also specifically designed to fit 24 of MiEN’s Flex Seat Pads perfectly, making it a great addition to an open floor learning space. This multi-functional double-sided mobile markerboard is especially useful for early childhood learning, as the markerboard extends all the way to the floor. The DIVIDE Mobile Storage Markerboard has four locking casters to provide mobility for active learning anywhere in the library and stability when needed to create a safe and sturdy markerboard for students and teachers to use with breakout groups.

These curved bookcases and modern media center shelving options allow for a multitude of configurations in your library space, promoting flexibility and active learning. With MiEN’s storage and shelving designs, you can build your own style of library to engage and provide unique learning opportunities to all students.

Dr. Christina Counts, VP of Education for MiEN Environments, is a proven leader with a successful background in transforming learning spaces into modern engaging learning environments. Dr. Counts has worked in education for over 17 years with experience as a classroom teacher, district instructional leader, school administrator, and digital and innovative learning designer. In her most recent position, Christina leads a team of professionals that support schools making the transition to a flexible, collaborative, & student-centered learning space.  She holds a doctorate in K-12 Educational Leadership, National Board-certified, and Google & Apple certified. Dr. Counts envisions a learning space in which educators are empowered to transform education through design, technology and innovative instructional pedagogy to create learners ready for any future!