5 MiEN Educational Products Going Viral

5 MiEN Educational Products Going Viral

If you’re searching for the latest trends in furniture design, you’ve come to the right place. Prepare to be inspired by these five MiEN educational products that are going viral!

Here at MiEN, we offer a diverse range of educational furniture products that meet the needs of schools and learning institutions all over the country. We take pride in our focus on innovation, with furnishings that redefine comfort and style while providing flexible function for a wide variety of learning spaces. Additionally, we are committed to incorporating eco-friendly materials into our products, with an emphasis on strength and durability for long-term sustainability.

To meet the ever-changing needs of modern learning spaces, we’ve designed a range of educational products that easily adapt to the latest trends. Plus, the stellar MiEN design team provides immense value alongside our innovative product designs, helping to reach your design goals for any education space. With that in mind, here are some of the most popular MiEN products that our customers love!

These five MiEN educational products are moving up to the front of the class in popularity:

2G2BT Open Face Station

1. DIVIDE Mobile Storage Markerboard

As schools aim to create more active learning environments, mobile furniture is essential. That’s why the DIVIDE Mobile Storage Markerboard is one of MiEN’s most popular educational products. The double-sided, magnetic white board functions as a dynamic canvas for ideas, bringing engagement to every corner of the classroom. Along with its role as an interactive teaching tool, the DIVIDE also integrates a mobile storage center, taking classroom organization to the next level. Designed to neatly fit up to 24 Flex Seat Pads or anything else you like, transform your learning environment into an epicenter of organization and creativity with the DIVIDE Mobile Storage Markerboard.

2. 2G2BT Presentation Station with HMU Side Table

This ‘Too Good to Be True’ (2G2BT) Presentation Station with HMU Side Table combines comfort, organization, and adaptability for technology with a side sit-2-stand table for an integrated workspace. With the incoming trend of mobile teacher stations, the 2G2BT Presentation Station and HMU Side Table are the perfect pair for teachers, librarians, and administrators on-the-go. This set offers the combined flexibility of a mobile work surface, teacher station, and lecture podium. The versatile set also provides storage space for personal belongings, with adjustable shelving and a lock for security.

Freedom High School Media Center

3. BAY Lounge Chair

The BAY Lounge Chair is an ideal seating option for a flexible learning space, media center, or common space lounging area. The sophisticated yet playful design allows a smooth 360-degree swivel motion, encouraging movement in the learning space. The BAY Lounge Chair gives users the choice between sitting alone, sitting together, or simply enjoying different views of the surrounding space, but its memory return feature keeps spaces looking neat by rotating the chair back to its original position. The innovative yet simple design of the BAY Lounge Chair is what makes this comfortable and multifunctional chair one of our top products.

4. KIO Mobile Storage Bench

Our KIO product line has always been a MiEN educational product line customer favorite, and for good reason! The KIO Mobile Storage Bench is no exception, living up to the sleek design, durable construction, and flexible functionality of the KIO line. Available in several different sizes and a wide range of fabrics and finishes, the KIO Mobile Storage Bench offers the dual function of a convenient seating solution and additional organization for your space. Experience the utility of shatterproof plastic storage bins, which can accommodate anything from classroom supplies to stem materials to instructional resources. Additionally, the removable storage bins and smooth rolling casters enable easy transport and distribution of supplies or materials anywhere in the classroom.

Educational Elementary Esports Lab

5. Levi Esports Chair

Scholastic esports is one of the top education trends of 2023, leading many schools to allocate funds to establish and grow their esports programs and spaces. This is what makes our Levi Esports Chair such a popular product, along with its intuitive design that was developed to meet all of the durability and comfort standards of an esports space. The Levi Esports Chair is an ergonomic task chair designed by MiEN’s esport experts for everyday use in your esports lab. Elevate your esports space with top-grade ergonomics and multiple adjustment features engineered for high performance during long gaming sessions. 

As educators seek to create engaging and adaptable learning environments, these MiEN educational products are blowing up in popularity for their innovative design and function. Learn more about these trending educational products and other MiEN furniture solutions by contacting MiEN Company today!