Midland High School Collaborative Media Center

Midland High School Collaborative Media Center

Like many school districts, Midland Public Schools in Michigan had to come to terms with the fact that its aging, traditional media centers no longer met the needs of their students and teachers. With origins as libraries whose shelves were filled with books, these stalwarts of the K-12 school campus needed a complete makeover that would help them become more functional, modern, and inviting.

“Our decision to make media centers the ‘hub’ of the school building drove our decisions around design and furnishings,” says Toner.

Working with MiEN Company, the district selected different types of shelving, including fixed and mobile shelving. Toner says the mobile shelving is extremely helpful when bookshelves need to be rearranged to make room for larger groups or different activities. “The wheeled shelving is great,” she explains, “because we can spread things out and open up the entire space if we want to.”

Melissa Toner, the district’s Technology and Media Curriculum Specialist

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