Stand Alone Wire Manager

Today’s modern education is steeped in technology. From elementary schools to universities, computers, interactive panels, and other electronics have become indispensable tools of learning, giving students the resources to build skills for future jobs.  MiEN’s Stand Alone Wire Manager system can organize, hide and route cords to create a safe connected learning environment for students, faculty, and school administrators.

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Wire Management for Learning Environments

Take your power and cable organization to new heights with MiEN’s Stand Alone Wire Manager. The independent cable management system will allow you to wrangle your cables and give them a dedicated spot where they’re tucked away neatly from view to prevent snags and tripping. The Stand Alone Wire Management system is offered with 4 or 8 port power options that include wall outlet power infeed & power-to-power connectors for connecting multiple units together.

Features & Benefits

  • Hinging Doors
  • Daisy Chain
  • A variety of color options
  • Made in USA

Standard Powder Coat Colors


Hinging Doors

Stand Alone Wire Manager

Daisy Chain

Stand Alone Wire Manager


  • Surface: Powdercoated steel
  • Glides: Black Plastic (Adjustable)
  • Electrical Components: Black plastic 4-port units (QTY 2 for 48″W & up)
  • Cables: Steel conduit cable jumpers


  • Depth: 10″
  • Available Widths: 36″W, 42″W, 48″W, 54″W, 60″W, 66″W, 72″W, 84″W
  • Height: 18″
  • Single Power Module: 36″W, 42″W
  • Double Power Module: 54″W, 60″W, 66″W, 72″W, 84″W
  • Power Options: Wall outlet power infeed & power-to-power connectors

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