Q&A with Jonathan and Ryanne: Top 5 Favorite MiEN Products

Q&A with Jonathan and Ryanne: Top 5 Favorite MiEN Products

Welcome to the MiEN Environments Top 5 Series, where our regional directors, account managers, and designers share their favorite MiEN products. Here we will breakdown the value our employees and our customers find in the solutions designed with specific products and why those products meet modern educational needs.

This week we asked a few questions to our Regional Director, Jonathan Gossom, and our Interior Designer, Ryanne DeJonge.

Q: Jonathan, what are your top 5 favorite MiEN products? 

  • F2F STAR Tables
  • EGR Cabinets
  • Makerspace CRE8 Table
  • THX Vinton Wave with a Mobile Caddie
  • PAL Curved Leg (with any desk surface shape)

F2F STAR Shaped Tables with Trays

Q: Jonathan, what makes the F2F STAR Shaped Table with Trays a great choice for schools?

Jonathan: The F2F STAR shaped tables allow schools to have a mix of both tables and desks within a classroom and still work a tray system. The curved edges of STAR allow for a unique layout for the trays and they can be set at preschool, seated, or fixed 36″H to give students choices in height. We have the unique ability to add trays to almost all work surfaces which frees up our designers to continue to be able to promote student-centered learning while at the same time still accommodate immediate student storage when needed.

Q: Ryanne, why do customers enjoy adding the tray option on the F2F STAR shaped tables?

Ryanne: Adding to what Jonathan mentioned about the ability to add trays to these tables, I love that students can have an assigned tray vs an assigned seat. For students to be able to move their tray to another table or to inside an EGR cabinet creates a wide range of flexibility when it comes to learning inside the classroom!

Top MiEN Products
Top MiEN Products

EGR Makerspace Cabinet

Q: Jonathan, why is the EGR makerspace cabinet a unique solution for educators?

Jonathan: With so many sizes and configurations, EGR plays a crucial role in executing a student tray system within a space. Not only is it multipurpose with markerboard back and pegboard sides but it’s also future proof. EGR has the unique ability to have a mix of both trays and shelves that can be interchanged at any point during the life of the cabinets. Being able to mix and match trays and shelves gives the school complete control of how they want to use that cabinet within a space now and in the future.

Q: Ryanne, what do you like about the EGR makerspace cabinet?

Ryanne: I love that schools can create a bin configuration that works best for them! They could have all single bins for every student in the class, or have a combo of just a few larger bins and metal shelves for school instructional materials. I also love that it is easily moveable and has the markerboard back, making it super functional with multiple purposes.

CRE8 Makerspace Table

Q: Jonathan, why does the CRE8 makerspace table land in your top 5?

Jonathan: I really like CRE8 Makerspace tables for lots of reasons. I especially like the 26″H version for younger learners as it allows for a STEM/STEAM/MAKERSPACE feel and function in areas where it’s typically not incorporated as regularly. It’s great to give those students a correct working height for hands-on project learning and at the same time giving extra storage in a mobile unit. Learners are drawn to the color options and shapes making it a great fit for lots of environments looking for mobility and extra storage in a project table.

Q: Ryanne, what makes the CRE8 makerspace table a great option for modern makerspaces?

Ryanne: I like how the CRE8 has multiple different storage bases and has the option of a butcher block top. They are a fun and functional addition to makerspace areas that come in the variety of heights like Jonathan mentioned. Being able to make the CRE8 at that low height gives elementary age students the opportunity to be hands on and at a better height for them.

Top MiEN Products
Top MiEN Products

THX Vinton Wave Teacher Station with Mobile Caddy

Q: Jonathan, THX Vinton Wave Teacher Station an ideal solution for teachers?

Jonathan:  This 3 piece teacher desk is the perfect fit for so many classrooms especially where they are still looking for a little larger worksurface for their educators but desire the flexibility to move around the room. The main desk can be scaled up or down in size based on the size of the space and the HMU mobile side table is pneumatic and can be wheeled throughout the space to interact with students. The tambour door teacher’s caddie allows for a little extra storage compared to a traditional single pedestal cabinet giving the teacher more personal storage in a mobile unit.

Q: Ryanne, why do you think the THX Vinton Wave Teacher Station works well for teachers?

Ryanne: The 3 piece Vinton Wave is my favorite! The shape of the desk is super unique, the HMU mobile side table is awesome for teachers who want to move around the room like Jonathan said, and the mobile caddy or BBF option gives teachers that extra storage space!

PAL Curved Leg (any desk surface shape)

Q: Jonathan, why is the PAL Curved Leg in your favorites?

Jonathan: I love our new Curved Leg PAL with our desk shapes because it gives us another way to create the perfect individual student desk based on the space. Having the ability to maximize the knee/leg room by having the legs curve away also allows us to potentially scale down the desk top size while still allowing for larger chairs or alternate creative seating options. This has been a problem in the past especially with smaller classroom sizes. Having this leg to maximize leg room on smaller desks but still allow for the preferred desk “shape” is very important and has been a huge hit on several new school and renovation projects where they had limited space to work with.

Q: Ryanne, how does the PAL Curved Leg allow for flexibility in the learning space design?

Ryanne: The PAL Curved Leg came in super handy when North Daviess loved the Vail desks but their classroom size was just a little too small. I love that we had the ability to scale the Vail top down, then use the PAL Curved Leg to give students more leg room and a larger space for their student chairs to fit under. The curved leg is super functional in regards to creating more space, but it is also a cool and different look!

Top MiEN Products

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