Hudson Middle School: Empowering Students and Engaging the Community

Hudson Middle School: Empowering Students and Engaging the Community

Hudson Middle School, located in Jefferson County, Kentucky, is a community-focused middle school that is self-described as the “School for the People.” Hudson is the first middle school in West Louisville to be built in 91 years and welcomes every student from the area regardless of background and academic progress.

Dr. Jeronda Majors, the principal of Hudson Middle School, has over 22 years of experience working in Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS). In an interview with Dr. Majors, we discussed how the design of Hudson’s learning spaces enhances the school’s educational goals and brings the community together. In our conversation, she shed light on the unique aspects of the school, its population, and the innovative instructional model they’ve implemented.

Empowering A Diverse Student Population

Hudson Middle School offers local students the choice to attend a school closer to home through the “Choice Zone Schools” initiative. The school primarily serves a 6th-grade population, predominantly comprised of students who identify as African American or Black. Dr. Majors emphasized the significance of providing these students with the opportunity to attend a school in their local community, fostering a sense of connection and belonging.

Hudson Middle School’s instructional model is focused on decentering educators to empower students to take ownership of their learning. Dr. Majors explained that the role of teachers is to be facilitators, which allows students to guide their own learning and learn at a deeper level.

Hudson Middle School
Hudson Middle School

Partnering With MiEN To Support A Unique Instructional Approach

Hudson Middle School partnered with MiEN Company to develop an innovative learning environment for students. The integration of MiEN’s furniture plays a key role in the school’s instructional methodology by creating a physical space where students have options for how they want to learn. Dr. Majors noted how MiEN’s flexible and comfortable furniture aligns with Hudson’s goal of facilitating collaborative learning. Learning spaces with soft seating and adaptable configurations allow students to work collaboratively and independently, as well as in small groups.

Hudson is an Explore school, offering pathways in Consumer Science, Business and Communications, and Engineering and Design. To support the Consumer Science pathway, Hudson Middle School and MiEN developed a unique “Hudson Cafe” lab classroom. This pathway and learning space offers students opportunities to explore culinary arts and food sciences, fostering a hands-on and immersive learning experience.

Strong Partnerships Go a Long Way

Before Hudson Middle School opened, the school building was formerly an elementary school. The transformation of the space into a middle school involved creating a space that felt new and exciting for students who had previously attended the elementary school. The new furniture makes Hudson feel like a safe and calming space, making families and the community at large feel comfortable and connected to the school.

Dr. Majors emphasized the importance of creating a space where families are proud to send their students. The learning space, including MiEN’s furniture, speaks to the commitment of the school to provide an environment that is not only conducive to learning but also reflects the pride and respect the school leadership has for the students they serve.

“We wanted to create a space where the school community and the community at large felt proud about allowing students to come to our school. We wanted a space that was very safe and welcoming for everyone, and the furniture aligns with our vision and our goal of learning, leading, and serving.” – Dr. Jeronda Majors, Principal

Through a student-centered approach, Hudson Middle School has created an innovative space, empowering students with ownership over their learning. The learning environment fosters a sense of pride and brings the local community together in new ways. Hudson Middle School stands as a shining example of what is possible when commitment and creativity intersect in the pursuit of excellence.

Hudson Middle School

Interview With Dr. Jeronda Majors: Principal of Hudson Middle School